About - Pranava Nature Cure

Our clinic is located in Hosur, krishnagiri district, tamilnadu which is close by to Karnataka capital Bangalore. Our location is in such a way that people can reach us without any hurdles like traffic jam and it is a calm and serene location.

Our clinic has successfully healed thousands of health seekers through natural treatment for over 16 years. Our team constitutes doctors and staffs who are dedicated. Our chief medical officer is Dr. S. Usha Devi BNYS

Chief Consultant
19 years of Experience

Dr.S.Usha Devi BNYS​

Ushadevi completed her naturopathy course under Dr. M.G.R. Medical University in 2002. Notably, this was the first batch for naturopathy course in Tamilnadu. Due to her continued appetite for knowledge, she completed her post graduation in psychology. She started her career at a humble Naturopathy wellness center near Karaikudi, Tamilnadu. In 2004, she moved to Bangalore and started working for Soukya International holistic health center, whitefield in Bangalore. Her yogic teaching and diagnosis was very well received and appreciated by international guests at this facility. She wanted the naturopathic and yogic treatments to be available for everyone and not only for international celebrities and riches. In 2006, she started a simple clinic for normal people in Bangalore and treated hundreds of people with naturopathy treatments and yoga therapy for 12 years. For personal reasons, she moved to Hosur in 2016 and started running Pranava nature cure and yoga clinic. She specialises in assisting people lead healthy lifestyle. She believes this can help prevent many diseases and disorders.

In our clinic naturopathy techniques are applied and ongoing herbal medications which is also monitored and gradually tapered off as required.

The treatment timings are flexible to ensure that the patient get benefits of the treatment programs without disturbing their regular routine