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Dr. S. Usha Devi B.N.Y.S.

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Pranava Nature Cure And Yoga Clinic

Nature cure is a science of healthy living. It teaches us how should we live, what  should we eat and how our routine should be. Naturopathy not only helps in attaining freedom from diseases but also helps in acquiring positive health. Its main objective is to change the living habits of the people and teaches healthy life style. Nature cure is constructive method of treatment, which aims at removing the basic cause of disease through the rational use of the five great elements Panchamahabhutas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) freely available in nature.

Basic principles of
Nature cure

Naturopathy is not only a system of healing but also a way of life.

In Naturopathy, Patient is treated not the disease. Nature cure treats physical, Mental, Social (Moral) and Spiritual, all four aspects; at the same time thereby it leads to holistic health.
Nature cure is a way of life :
Four foundational elements of healthy natural life.

According to the Nature cure food will be classified into Sattwik, Rajasik and Tamasik.
A Nature cure physician can guide people not only in taking balanced and fiber rich food, but also can help people to take more Sattwik food, moderate Rajasik food and to avoid Tamasic food to keep diseases away.

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Thomas Rakesh

Doctor is really good and very knowledgeable. I had various health issues, maam had addressed each of them in nice and holistic way. Symptoms were reduced overtime. Thank you very much maam 🙂

Aiswarya Venkat

Excellent doctor.. She does her work very whole hearted.. Not money minded.. Learnt yoga from her.. Feeling as though I got more knowledge in that….she gives much information about everything.. Thanks mam.. Highly recommending her yoga classes