Treatment Facilities

Massage Therapy

Swedish type of Massage is given in our centre, which emphasizes on different classical massage movements.


Vibro Massage

Its done with imported machine using talcum powder.


Hydrotherapy (Water Treatment)

Hydrotherapy is one among the important treatment methods used in Nature Cure to treat and prevent many conditions like asthma, obesity, sleep disorders, stress, constipation, etc.
Water is used in various temperatures and forms like

Mud Therapy

It is very effective and simple treatment. Mud bath and packs are main forms of Mud therapy. Mud absorbs toxic substances from the body and helps in elimination.



It is Chinese traditional method of treatment where fine needles are inserted at selected meridian points to remove the blockages in energy channels. It is very effective in painful conditions, paralysis and sleeplessness.


Yoga Therapy

The term “YOGA” came from Sanskrit word meaning “UNION”.Yoga combines physical exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and reduce stress. Yoga helps in preventing and treating life style related disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, over weight thyroid problems, joint pain, asthma, etc..



The department includes all electrotherapy and exercise therapy instruments to treat the patients with various diseases. Following electrotherapy treatments are available at our centre.

With the help of the above mentioned therapies we will be able to treat LBA, shoulder pain, knee pain etc.


Application of high power, medium power, and low power magnets helps in reducing pain and swelling and also helps in regulating hormonal secretions; there by helps in treating arthritis,hypothyroidism,hyperthyroidism.
Drinking magenitised water helps in treating kidney stones, anemia,pre-mature greying of hair,PCOD in ladies etc..

There are several types, including

Herbal therapy

If needed herbal medicines are given to the patients along with the natural treatments which helps in speedy recovery without any side effects.

Herbal supplements come in all forms: dried, chopped, powdered, capsule, or liquid, and can be used in various ways, including:

Diet Therapy

Nature cure relies in supplementation of naturally available nutrients which will ensure a complete and adequate supply of nutrients needed for health and longevity. Fasting is an important therapy in Nature Cure to heal many chronic conditions by helping in detox.