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I came for treatment with Dr.Usha four years back for peri arthritis to which surgery was suggested .right .shoulder was totally immobile and I needed help for all my day to day activities. So when she started with acupuncture, after few days I was able to the shoulder exercises and over a period of 4 months I came back to normal self. Massage therapists were very kind and supportive and totally trust in dr.usha with her diagnosis.
Radhika Balasubramaniyam
As I was staying 2 months (December and January) in hosur, I wanted to join yoga ,but found only pranava nature cure yoga center which is near by me... Next day itself I joined the morning yoga classes which happens from 6:00 am to 7 :00 am....the class starts with relaxation, then few round of suryanamaskar, and then balancing postures, forward bending postures, backward bending postures, spine twisting asanas, sitting postures, etc after all this postures, the nerves ,muscles ,cells in the body will become active , later there will be relaxation and we feel so fresh and active due to good relaxation techniques( which changes everyday) .... Then it eneds with pranayama.... All this days it made my day positive, mind clear, and the body energetic.....
Rupesh KM
A very lovely human being with soft nature. My love for yoga and well being started from Mrs.Usha . She is dedicated towards her work. She takes individual attention and care towards her students and patients . I highly recommend Pranava Nature cure hospital.
Somi Manoj
Good atmosphere.Care and attention is given to each individual.Yoga class is designed based on the individual needs.Daily Surya namaskar and relaxation techniques are energizing. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of all teachers.It is a great program for the spiritual seeker who is interested in laying down the foundation of yoga and meditation practice.I highly recommend this course if one is serious about learning Yoga and Meditation. Thanks